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Tips to achieve the best results from NeurOptimal

The training process with NeurOptimal® is simple and effortless. With respect to this statement and regardless of where you are in your Brain Training journey, we can all benefit from applying these key tips to help us achieve the best results from our Neurofeedback sessions.

Choose the right foods for your brain:

We can begin by taking a closer look at the types of food we are putting into our bodies. Proper nutrition improves our brain's ability to learn.

Utilize foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and high-quality proteins. Among the best sources of these nutrients are green leafy vegetables, legumes, fish, berries, and nuts, just to name a few.

By providing your brain with the right building blocks you will be able to train it effectively and achieve the best results.

Train Consistently:

As with anything we learn, consistency brings the best results. This applies to how the brain operates as well. Putting yourself on a schedule for training will not only hold you accountable but it will also help ensure you are giving your brain the best chance to learn how to function optimally.

Track your Progress:

Without a record of where you started, you may find it difficult to see the benefits of your training. Tracking your progress and updating it every 10-15 sessions will help you see the changes in your life and truly appreciate the benefits of your training. In addition, it helps motivate you to train, as well as helps you identify if any other areas of your life may require more support.

Exercise Regularly:

Another great way to boost your results is to make sure you move your body regularly. Exercising causes your body to release certain chemicals that give you an uplifting, happy feeling. With increased levels of these “feel good” chemicals in your body, you can expect your brain to learn more rapidly during your neurofeedback sessions and in turn help you achieve the best results.

As you follow these tips, you can enhance your training, as well as your everyday life.

There is no better time to start training your brain then now!

Hope to see you soon. Denise

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