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Common Questions

Updated: May 20, 2021

I thought I would take a moment to answer some common questions that relate to how often you should come in for a session or how many sessions are needed. I hope that you find this helpful!

How often do I need to train my brain? Each person is unique and so is their experience with NeurOptimal. Many people find that once or twice a week is sufficient but depending on your situation you may want to train as often as 3-4 times per week, or as little as once a month. It also depends on how quickly you would like to start seeing results, obviously the more often you come, the quicker you will start seeing results.

Will I notice a difference right away? Some people notice positive changes after just one or two sessions, while some find it takes several sessions to really start to feel a difference. Most people experience improved sleep, heightened mental clarity and enhanced cognitive performance fairly quickly. Although these may not be the initial reason for you coming in for NeurOptimal, it is a sign to you that NeurOptimal is working!

How many times will I need to train?

The number of sessions of neurofeedback that you will need is personal to your goals and the life factors that influence your health and wellbeing.

Some people might decide after 8 - 12 sessions that they have seen enough positive changes and stop or take a break from NeurOptimal. On the other hand, for someone who has suffered more severe trauma, such as PTSD, ADHD, concussions etc; 20-30 sessions is a better ballpark. We also have clients who have made Neurofeedback Training a regular part of their self-care routine and continue to come on a regular basis.

The good thing is you can stop at any time and always pick it up again later if you so choose. Any training you have done in the past will always serve you well should you do more sessions in the future — no session is ever wasted.

Do the results last? NeurOptimal is a learning task, like learning to ride a bike or learning how to read, once you know it, you always know it. The positive changes you experience with NeurOptimal will have lasting effects and for some, it may last forever. However, your brain can get “knocked off” by challenges, by hormonal changes, pollutants in the environment and the stresses of our everyday lives. When this happens, you may feel that a ‘tune-up’ session or two can help you get back to working at your optimal efficiency.

Even if you come back many years later, the brain recognizes the NeurOptimal process. It can find its way back relatively rapidly, much more quickly than the first time you did the training. If you did a fairly complete initial training, and then have a major challenge like an illness, the loss of a job or a relationship, or even a head injury or anesthetic, your brain can quickly and efficiently use the information it receives from NeurOptimal to reorganize itself and “find its way back”.

Does NeurOptimal work for everyone?

The most common reason clients do not have success is because they stop NeurOptimal before they have given it enough time to help them reach their goals.

NeurOptimal is expensive.

While I understand that it is not always easy to come up with money for a series of sessions, consider that NeurOptimal will assist in the healing of traumas, stresses, anxiety, depression in a matter of days or weeks, results for which you might have to see a psychologist for many years. The effects of freedom from some of these ‘symptoms’ are priceless. Also consider the monetary, psychological, and physical cost of pharmaceuticals that may have to be taken forever to subdue afflictions that NeurOptimal potentially can address with just a few non-invasive sessions. NeurOptimal is one of the most cost effective, least expensive and non-invasive means to address a great variety of symptoms.

Often, NeurOptimal is used when everything else has been tried unsuccessfully…..only to find out that NeurOptimal works!

I would love to be on your journey with you and see how transforming NeurOptimal can be for you!!

Hope to see you soon.


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